Mister Scooter, motorcycle rental company in Mallorca, continues its expansion

Full of natural landscapes bathed by crystal clear waters, the island of Mallorca has become one of the most important international and national tourist destinations in Europe.

And the most beautiful corners of the Balearic island, have access to small roads surrounded by green, which overlook a calm sea, with fine white sands, which welcome all those who are passionate about Mallorca.

That is why the motorcycle and scooter rental sector continues to grow: it is one of the best options to travel the island in a comfortable and easy way. This is demonstrated by Mister Scooter, one of the leading companies in the sector, which continues to expand.

With a new installation of 180m2 located in the heart of Palma, the company continues with its plan to consolidate and expand the business in Mallorca, “strengthening our commitment to the customer, who demands a quality service at a competitive price”, they affirm.

New scooter rental plans

As a result of this growing demand for reliable services, the company has recently presented its fleet of newly manufactured motorcycles and strict compliance with the new European regulations on clean vehicles. “Innovation drives us away from conventional companies,” they explain from MisterScooter.

Even so, not only that has led the company to consolidate as a reference: “We managed to offer the best low cost rates, ensuring that they are accessible to anyone who wants to discover our island,” they explain. That’s why, through its website, you can find discounts of 10% for Mallorca motorcycle rentals, with prices that can go down to € 15 a day.

Security maintenance and guarantees

Another point that differentiates Mister Scooter from the rest of the companies is that “all our scooters and rental motorcycles have a 125cc motor and are from well-known brands such as Suzuki, Peugeot or Sym, and enjoy a regular and integral maintenance throughout a own mechanical workshop formed by a team of specialists “.

Thus, in addition to being very close to the airport and a few minutes from the center of Palma, Mister Scooter stands as a perfect option for all those restless and passionate travelers who will surely find in Mallorca charming and exciting natural places of photography.

More information on Mallorca motorbike rental: www.misterscooter.eu


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