A Finnish artist and a German body painter, authors of‘Find Me and Lose Yourself’ for Canary Islands

Canary Islands are synonymous with natural wealth, rivers of volcanic lava and rocky formations as in the futuristic films, multi-coloured sand beaches, endemic fauna and flora, high summits bathed by cloud seas, lush magical forests, deep ravines… A diversity of unique landscapes in which you can merge with nature, revitalize and recharge your energy.

That variety and immensity of nature is reflected in ‘Meet Me and Lose Yourself’, the latter promotional action of the Canary Islands tourist brand, in which the natural spaces of the Islands are highlighted by art and photography.

With an innovative creative approach, the action shows the richness and diversity of the natural landscapes of the Islands, which turns them into the ideal destination for nature tourism. The harmony between art and nature as a creative space dye this promotional action from Canary Islands towards Europe. Using bodypainting as an artistic resource, human body is mimicked with nature, creating a visual game that serves as an analogy to the campaign’s title, ‘Meet Me and Lose Yourself’, an inspiring proposal to recreate a landscape that invites you to merge within it.

The realization has counted on the participation of two very renowned protagonists in Europe. One is the Finnish photographer of nature and influential instagramer Konsta Punkka; he gives testimony of this action through his profile in Instagram, @kpunkka, where he daily publishes impressive pictures that interact with many of the more than one million followers he has. The other one is the German artist Léonié Gené, an expert in body make-up and especially in themes related to nature.

The result consists of five artistic photographs, along with their corresponding gifs that reveal the person camouflaged in nature through a subtle movement of the model. The astonishing images have been taken in different landscapes of the Islands:

– The cardon is an endemic plant of the Canary Islands outstanding for its multiple arms in the shape of a large candelabrum. It is the protagonist of a unique ecosystem where we can find wonderful landscapes with spectacular examples. In this photo, we can see how the model fuses into one of them.

– In the Canarian archipelago, it is also possible to enjoy virgin beaches with white sand dunes that contrast with the black of the volcanic lava flows. In the image, we can see how the model is integrated within the jable in one of the beaches bathed by crystalline waters.

– In an landscape of lunar aspect, the rocks and the volcanic earth continue until they fuse with the body of the model. Almost as if it were a movie scenario, the lunar landscape seems out of this world. These amazing rock formations are the result of the erosion of wind and water that for thousands of years have been acting on the volcanic rock, giving rise to these capricious forms.

– The Canary Islands are one of the few refuges in the world for laurisilva forest, a plant formation composed of several species that disappeared in the Tertiary era. This moist and ghostly-looking forest is another scenario where the body of the model has been transformed into a tree trunk. A unique place to discover, to breathe deeply and feel the energy of the twisted trunks, covered with a moss mantle, and listen to all the secrets of our ancestors.

– The volcanic origin of the Canary Islands has created amazing landscapes, which do not look like belonging to this world. It is the case of the extensive fields of little eroded lava, known as Malpais for presenting an irregular and chaotic surface. A perfect scenario to integrate the body of the model through makeup, to the point that it is almost impossible to recognize it between rocks.

The Canary Island are a paradise of great wealth, whose diversity of natural landscapes make this destination the ideal place to discover, get lost and enjoy. A unique archipelago in which volcanic nature has a real revitalizing effect on people.

This project has been co-financed by 85% by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER in Spanish).




About Canary Islands

Canary Islands is the place with the best climate in the world to enjoy an exceptional holiday at any time of the year. Seven different and unique islands, ideal to disconnect from the routine, recharge batteries and return home with renewed body and mind. Their beaches, volcanic nature, their lively and hospitable lifestyle and the possibility of choosing among all kinds of outdoor activities, as well as a varied offer of accommodation and leisure of quality, make the majority of their visitors repeat more at once.


About ‘Promotur Turismo de Canarias’

Promotur Turismo de Canarias, an entity under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands, is responsible for the promotion of the tourist brand Islas Canarias. Created in 2005, the main objective of this public society is the study, diffusion and commercialization of the great tourist offer offered by the Canarian archipelago along with the other institutions of the islands linked to the tourism industry.

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