domomob Launches a New Revolutionary Home Automation System Which Does Not Emit Electromagnetic Radiation

domomob: your house’s control in your palm’s hand.

The arising of domomob: an innovative, revolutionary home automation system which transmits the information flow by PLC (Power Line Communication), i.e., it works with the electric wires of the house, giving as result no radiation emission to the atmosphere.  The majority of home automation systems work via radio, wifi or Bluetooth, which generates electromagnetic radiations. The experts ask to take extremely care with these type of radiations.

domomob is a home automation system which is easily set up; it only requires product and security codes to be introduced, and be plug it in to the electric system to have it working. All domomob’s items are Plug&Play and are rapidly installed even by unexperienced people. domomob can be controlled by all its gadgets: PC, Tablet and mobile (IOS, Android, Windows Phone). From the apps it can be added other users and program devices, groups, scenarios, etc.

domomob adds no wires to the existent installation, which permits to have the system still running even with no internet connection and with the mini server disconnected. This home automation system allows the user to have instant access to all his/her home devices anywhere in the world.

Company’s co-founders Xavier Bellatriu and Rafel Duran declare: “we have started the crowdfounding campaign in Indiegogo* to get to reach economies of scale and be competitive. This way, a bigger number of people will be able to benefit domomob’s advantages, and also it will become a global system.

One of domomob’s strong points is its preoccupation for security and intimacy. domomob’s cameras are provided against intrusive eyes: they have a code which can only be activated remotely with the user’s special code. If you are going to be out of home, you can program a scenario which simulates you are at home: the blinds can be opened remotely, for example; burglars try to steal in empty houses. The cameras (outdoor and indoor), as well as door and window sensors will alert you if there is movement detected. You will be able to connect the cameras wherever you are and call the police if there is something suspicious. domomob will notify you if there is something going wrong even if you are far away.

domomob: a system preoccupied for electromagnetic waves emission

domomob is formed by a group of professionals whose aims have been to create a home automation system easy to install (Plug&Play). domomob is highly interested in provide the users an easy using, secure, comfortable system.

The company takes care for the high quantity of electromagnetic waves to which people are exposed. The World’s Health Care Organization communicates in its press release nº 193 October 2014* that the International Investigation Cancer Center has classified electromagnetic waves as a potential cause from suffering from cancer. In 2016, WHO will evaluate formally de risks derived from the results of the health studies in relation with the radiofrequencies fields.

In order not to increase the harmful effects of our home radiations, we apply to our proprietary system the communication PLC (Power Line Communication). The information goes through the house electric system and does not emit electromagnetic waves.



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